Friday, February 1, 2008

Chronicle for Higher Education 2/1/08

* Assistant Professor in Soil Chemistry
University of California, Davis (California)
(date posted: 2/1/2008)

* Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
Winston-Salem State University (North Carolina)
(date posted: 2/1/2008)

* President
Western Washington University (Washington)
(date posted: 2/1/2008)

* Assistant Professor in Nursing
University of Washington at Tacoma (Washington)
(date posted: 2/1/2008)

* Faculty, School of Business and School of Professiona Studies
Mount Olive College (North Carolina)
(date posted: 2/1/2008)

* Academic Advisor
Miami International University of Art & Design (Florida)
(date posted: 2/1/2008)

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